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Class Leader

A little about me

My love for cooking and baking started when I was around 5 years old. My Mum and I used to have entire days baking together where we would get out recipe books, handed down from my Nan, and choose all the recipes we wanted to cook that day and make them all! I loved it!

When I had my son, I could not wait to start baking with him. His first recipe, at around 15 months old, was bread - he loved kneading it and playing with it. Since then, we have not stopped as

he has shown me just how much fun and how rewarding, as a parent, it can be to bake with your child. Now it's even more fun as my daughter gets to join us in the kitchen too. 

Favourite childhood cooking memory?

As a teenager I was addicted to watching TV Chefs and began to invent my own recipes which my mum would encourage me to make for the whole family. My Mum and I still make one of those recipes to this day!

Favourite thing to bake?

My favourite thing to bake is bread and biscuits.

Favourite thing to eat?

I love a pizza!

Favourite tool in the kitchen?

I recently bought a garlic peeler and crusher which is amazing! I also love my nutribullet.

Kirsty: Team
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