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Owner & Events Leader

A little about me:

I have always had a keen interest in baking and remember spending a lot of my childhood at my Nan's kitchen table making pastry and various other traditional meals. When I became a Mum I was passionate about passing on my love of baking to my daughters.

I started The Cookery Cabin as I believe everyone, no matter of age or ability should have the opportunity to learn to cook. I strongly believe that a good foundation in the kitchen allows us to make better choices when it comes to what we eat and feeding our families. 

Favourite childhood cooking memory?

Cooking and baking with my Nan at her kitchen table, I still have, and use, some of her dishes and it always reminds me of cooking with her.

Favourite thing to bake?

I love creating themed cakes for my children’s birthdays.

Favourite thing to eat?

Roast Chicken Dinner or anything pastry!

Favourite tool in the kitchen?

My KitchenAid

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones at our classes. 

Triona: Team
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