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Cookery Classes


2½-5 Years Old

It’s never too early to get children helping in the kitchen and you’ll be amazed by what your Littlest Cook can do with a little help.

As well as having a lot of hands on fun our classes also develop the children's social, pre-writing, speech, numeracy and listening skills - all without them realising!

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent

4-7 Years Old

Each week our Little Cooks will make their own sweet or savoury dish, from scratch, using a variety of baking techniques. 

They will be responsible for weighing out at least one of their ingredients each week and unbeknown to the little cooks they will also be learning lots more during a class. 

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent

7-11 Years Old

Our Big Cooks will learn how to safely prepare and cook meals, from scratch, suitable for the whole family.

During each class the children will make either a sweet or savoury dish, suitable to feed a family of four, from our extensive range of recipes.

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent


12-18 Years Old

Our cookery classes for Bigger Cooks allow older children to learn how to cook family friendly main meals or desserts, independently, from scratch. 

Whether they already have a keen interest in cooking or they are just starting their cooking journey we provide a hands on practical environment for them to learn.

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent

18+ Years Old

Our one-off classes are aimed at adults. We will provide a friendly, adult only, environment where you can develop your cookery skills or even learn from scratch! 

We host a wide range of one-off classes from learning to cook basic family meals and surviving university to specialised skill classes including cake decorating.

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent

2-10 Years Old

Our themed school holiday classes are an ideal way to keep the children entertained during the school holidays.

One-off classes cater for a wider age range so siblings, or groups of friends, can attend and have fun baking together. 

Class Location: Gravesend, Kent

We take care of all the preparation so all you need to do is come along and enjoy the class.
All cooking equipment, ingredients and an apron are provided for each class.

All our recipes are nut free and we can accommodate different

dietary requirements, please get in touch to find out more. 

Cookery Classes: Services
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