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Welcome to The Cookery Cabin


The Cookery Cabin classes are a great way to spend time with your child. As well as getting to take home a delicious selection of food your child will begin to learn and develop essential life skills in mathematics, science, and literacy. Classes encourage children to share, take turns and be patient whilst waiting for others to weigh out their ingredients.

All our recipes are designed with young children in mind with only a small amount of assistance from their adult. Please encourage your little one to join in as much as they can and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect – it will taste just as good!

We aim to create a friendly, safe and fun environment for you and your child. We use a range of child friendly equipment from rotary graters to children’s safety knives to allow your little one to be fully involved in the process.

We alternate between sweet and savoury recipes each week and are continually updating our recipe collection.

Classes are timed to last for 50 minutes but please allow an hour, as all recipes are different. We fully understand how hard it can be with young children but please try and be punctual. The class will start at the advertised time and late comers will have to catch up so that children can get the most out of the class. If you know you are going to be late please let us know.

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Educational Activities

Whilst the food is cooking your child will participate in an educational activity; this normally involves tasting and comparing foods or seeing where food comes from.

Children are encouraged to look, smell and taste the foods (unless stated they are not for eating). Please encourage your child to taste; even if they have previously said they do not like it, or you do not like it yourself. We strongly believe that when children see their peers trying new foods, they will be tempted to try them too. If they will not eat the food try to get them to give it a kiss or have a little lick.

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Selective Eaters

Whilst making our recipes there will be certain ingredients that your child will be encouraged to taste before adding them to their mixture. This is not essential but a subtle way of trying to get fussier eaters to try something new. If your child chooses to eat any of the other ingredients, please do not discourage this (unless told it’s unsafe to eat raw), as it helps with their discovery of new tastes and foods.
Once cooked there is opportunity for everyone to try what has been made in class. If your child does not want to taste what they have made you may find that taking it home and sharing with family or friends will encourage them to have a try. Over the weeks they may begin to try what they have made in class.

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We are always keen to help families with allergies and understand the dangers involved. It is the parent/carers responsibility to discuss with the class leader any allergies their child may have.

Gluten Free: your child will weigh out first, with a dedicated spoon, to avoid contamination and their trays will be placed at the top of the oven to stop contaminants dropping on their food.

Dairy: substitutions will be made for your child.

Nuts: all recipes are nut free, however many ingredients have “traces of nuts” or “manufactured in a factory that handles nuts” warnings, if this is not suitable for your child it is vital that you let us know.

Due to the severity of some allergies we ask that you do not bring any foods with nuts to class as this can cause serious health issues for some of our children, and their adults.

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Safety & Behaviour

Your child is your responsibility during the class; please ensure you supervise them closely. Classes can be very busy and we want everyone to enjoy each session, so please make sure that children are not disrupting the class for others.

Children should be encouraged to wear their apron for the duration of the class and wash their hands before they begin to handle any food.

Long hair should be tied back (adults & children) and any jewellery which may fall into the food is removed or covered.

All eggs used are stamped with the British Lion Mark but please do not allow your little one to eat/taste their mixture once it contains raw egg. Raw egg can also be an allergen to young babies, bringing them up in a rash, so please be aware if you are bringing a younger sibling along.

When the food is brought to the table after being cooked it will still be warm, please do not allow your child to taste their food until it is a suitable temperature. This is your responsibility.

If any sickness or diarrhoea is experienced, please do not attend class until 48 hours after your last episode of illness. If The Cookery Cabin Class Leader is unwell, they reserve the right to cancel any class. In the event of sickness and diarrhoea, they too will allow 48 hours before commencing classes again.

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Booking the Term

We really hope that you have enjoyed your time with us today. To book the remainder of this term please click here.

You will find the event password to access the booking page on the flyer that you were given in class. 

Payments are non-refundable unless under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Owner.

Any classes missed due to holidays or ill health are non-refundable however you may send a friend’s child in place of your child (please inform us if you’d like to do this) or you can collect the dry ingredients (pre-weighed, in bags) when you return to class the following week to bake at home.

In the event of The Cookery Cabin having to cancel a class, a refund or credit towards the following term will be issued.

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There are two one-off membership options;

Littlest Membership £10.50 includes; The Cookery Cabin Canvas Bag. Recipe File, including a tasting chart. Personalised Birthday Card. Knitted Fruit or Vegetable (when Tasting Chart is completed). You will also have access to our online membership area.

Little Membership £16.50 includes; all of the above plus a reusable, vented plastic container to take your bakes home in.

Membership packs will be available to collect at your next class if purchased by 2pm on a Monday.

Membership needs to be purchased separately from booking a class as they are on two different systems. 

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Keep in Touch

If you have any queries, please contact or text/call on 07796613303.

You can keep up to date with class photos on our social media pages.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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